Last few days 

A few pictures from my last few days in Europe. These are all from Lisbob, Portugal. 
I have made it back home to the United States. Working in Spain was a great opportunity through which I gained a lot of perspective and learned a lot. It was very exciting working in a small company and watching as the company grew. Thanks for following my blog! 




A few pictures from a day trip to Gibraltar. 
A house in the old part of town. Back side of the Rock of Gibraltar.A couple of pictures of the Rock of Gibraltar. There were lots of monkeys on the rock. Here is one with its baby. The monkeys weren’t scared of people at all, you could walk right up to them.Gibraltar from the rock.

Málaga, Spain 

A few photos from Málaga Cathedral. Construction began in 1528 and was completed in 1782. It is right across the street from where I am staying. A colorful building in Málaga, I’m not sure what it is. Another church. Today I went to the Picasso museum. Pablo Picssso was born in Málaga. I don’t have any pictures of his work because I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. The painting below is a Jackson Pollacl that is part of a temporary exhibit. 

Pictures of the Alcazaba Málaga. An Alcazaba is a type of fortress. This particular one was built in the 11th century under the Hammudid Dynasty. The Hammudid Dynasty was an Arab Musilm dynasty. Pictures from Castillo Gibralfaro. The castle was just a little further up the hill from the fort. Built in the 8th century and then re-built again the in 14th century. View from atop the castle.A couple of pictures from a nice city park/garden. The beach! 

More Valencia 

Pictures from the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. On the right is the science musuem, in the middle is an IMAX movie theater, and the building furthest away is an opera house. The dark building is an open space for events. It has hosted concerts, famous speakers, and tennis matches. The tall structure in front of it is a bridge. Inside the science museum.A better look at the IMAX theater. This garden area is above where I was standing in top photo.


Took the train outside of Barcelona yesterday to visit Montserrat. This is Spain’s first national park. The Mountain is also home to a Benedictine monastery called Santa Maria. Below are some pictures taken during my hike on the mountain. Look closely, there’s a goat on the rock.In the valley you can see the monastery.The two pictures below are from the highest peak on the mountain, Sant Jeroni (4055 ft.) Montserrat as seen from the base of the mountain.


View of the port from Castell de Montjuïc. This castle was built in the late 18th century. It sits a top a hill overlooking the Mediterranean and Barcelona. Barcelona from the castle.Entrance to the castle.Outside wall of castle and the flag of Catalonia.Olympic stadium. Barcelona hosted the 1992 summer olympics. A few pieces of art from the National Art Museum of Catalonia. Barcelona from the steps of the museum. This area is know as Plaça d’Espanya.The museum.

Geneva, Switzerland

Jet d’Eau on Lake Geneva. Shoots water 460 feet into the air. Parc de la Grange and Lake Geneva in the background. St. Peter’s Cathedral: Completed in 1230. Views of Geneva from the cathedral towers. Chapel of the Maccabees: Added on to the cathedral in 15th Century. 

Cathedral towerMont Salève: Located just over the border in France. Elevation 4,524 feet. If you look very close you can see two cables running up the mountain. Cable cars run along the cables and that is how I got to the top.View of Geneva after getting off cable car. In the bottom half of the picture is people preparing to paraglide off the side of the mountain. Me and Geneva 

Cows on top of the mountain.A few more shots taken after hiking further up the mountain.

Parc Güell

A few pictures from Parc Güell last week. This is one of the larger, and more well known parks in Barcelona. Famous architect Antoni Gaudí was commissioned to design the park. In the foreground of the first photo you can see two buildings designed in his unique style. In the background you can see Barcelona and the Mediterranean. The picture above was taken while I was standing on top of the canopy pictured below. A closer look at one of the Gaudí buildings (sorry for the poor lighting)
The perimeter of the canopy was made entirely of benches like this. Each section of bench had a unique mosaic on it. 

One last view of Barcelona. If you look closely, just a little left of center you can make out La Sagrada Familia rising above the rest of Barcelona.